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Buying Snowmobile insurance is an easy experience if you take the time to check out the available options.

B.C. residents have few choices for insurance and Capri Insurance has developed an insurance program to provide snowmobilers with an easy and affordable option.

Q. What is third party liability insurance?

A. Liability insurance provides protection from legal liability that arises from the ownership or operation of your ATV/Dirt Bike covers both bodily injury (including death) of a third party and/or damage to their property caused by you.

Q. What is physical damage Insurance?

A. Physical damage is the policy you buy to protect against the loss of or damage to, your ATV by fire, theft, transport, or even collision.

Q. Is aftermarket equipment covered?

A. If extra equipment is attached to the insured vehicle and the value of that equipment was included in the insurance limit purchased, it will be covered. It is highly recommended that receipts for the original purchase of the added equipment be kept and that photos are kept that prove the existence of the extra equipment.


Liability Insurance

Off Road Liability insurance provides coverage for you if you injure someone else or cause damage to someone else’s property.



Physical Damage

Off Road Physical Damage insurance provides protection from loss or damage to your off road vehicle by fire, theft, transit, vandalism and even collision.


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Liability insurance

Off Road Liability insurance provides coverage for you if you injure someone else or cause damage to someone else’s property. If you cause someone else injury with your off road vehicle, the costs can quickly add up. Our Off Road Liability provides coverage for up to $1,000,000.

Off Road Liability Insurance benefits:

  • $1,000,000 policy limit
  • Each certificate holder has an individual Aggregate policy limit of $5,000,000
  • Legal fees are paid in addition to the policy limit.
  • Discounts available for snowmobile/ATV club members
  • Definition of insured includes anyone with a valid Driver's Licence and permission from the owner of the vehicle
  • Available online.
  • Backed by the largest provider of home, auto and business insurance in Canada.
  • Low $500 property damage deductible.
  • Quick and efficient claims service through the Capri Insurance Claims Department, located in British Columbia.

To apply for liability coverage click here to apply online, or visit one of our locations, approved sub-brokers, or dealer outlets.

Physical Damage

Physical Damage coverage provides protection for your snowmobile from damage or loss by fire, theft, transit, vandalism and even collision. We offer three Physical Damage coverage options:

Gold Protection: All Perils. (Collision, Upset, Rollover, and Comprehensive)
Silver Protection: Comprehensive only coverage.
Bronze Protection: Basic Perils. (Fire, Theft, Attempted Theft, and Transit)

Our policy has no restrictions regarding theft of the insured unit under any coverage option. It is valid anywhere in Canada or the continental USA.

Available discounts:

  • Up to 20% discount to current members of approved snowmobile clubs like the BCSF
  • 10% discount to snowmobile owners who have completed an approved safety course.
  • 10% discount to owners of machines that have an approved ignition system immobilizer.

Club members can qualify for up to a 30% discount; Non-club members qualify for a maximum 10% discount.

To apply for physical damage coverage click here to apply online or visit one of our locations, approved sub-brokers, or dealer outlets.

Ride Star

Ride Star is an optional add-on to your Physical Damage coverage, that includes the following benefits:


  • Lock Rekeying: 
The Insurer will reimburse you to a maximum of $1,000.00 for the cost of rekeying the locks or replacement of a coded key/tether for an immobilizer system on the Off Road Recreational Vehicle if the keys or coded key/tether are stolen. You must report the incident to the police within 48 hours of discovery and the police case file number is required. No deductible applies to this coverage enhancement.
  • Increased Value of Truck Deck: 
General Provision Item 4 c) Off Road Recreational Vehicle Equipment is amended to read as follows: c) a truck deck designed to accommodate the attachment of the Off Road Recreational Vehicle to a transporting conveyance subject to a maximum limit of $5,000.00 in total.
  • Unit Repatriation Expense: 
Additional Agreements of the Insurer Item d. is amended to read as follows: d. to indemnify the insured for expenses not exceeding $2,000.00 to make your Off Road Recreational Vehicle operational or to transport it to a repair facility. No deductible applies to this coverage enhancement.
  • Travel Protection: 
In the event you are involved in an Off Road Recreational Vehicle accident, or if your Off Road Recreational Vehicle is stolen while you are traveling away from your home (outside your City of residence), we will reimburse you for the following: (a) the cost of additional living expenses (lodging, meals, transportation and phone calls) incurred due to damage to or theft of your Off Road Recreational Vehicle, subject to a maximum of $1,000.00 No deductible applies to this coverage enhancement.
  • Temporary Substitute Off Road Recreational Vehicle: 
Coverage under this policy is extended to cover a substitute Off Road Recreational Vehicle provided that: If you make a claim under the All Risk, Comprehensive or Basic Perils coverage and are unable to use your Off Road Recreational Vehicle, coverage from your damaged unit is temporarily transferred to the rental unit, courtesy unit or borrowed unit. Temporary substitute coverage ceases as soon as repairs to your unit are completed.
  • “Not At Fault” Collision Loss: 
If you make a “Not At Fault” collision claim under this policy, your deductible will be waived.

Latest Snowmobile News!

New Online Snowmobile Safety Course now available.

Go to the bcsf website and sign up for this BCSF approved Snowmobile Safety Course. When you complete the course you will qualify for a 10% discount when you apply for Snowmobile Insurance.

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