At Capri we are not only insurance brokers but outdoor enthusiasts as well. That’s why when the Ministry of Forests, Lands & Resource Operations launched a new registrations system for Off Road Vehicles we made it our business to become the experts on the new rules and figure out ways to make it easier.

In order to register your ORV you must have the original Bill of Sale from the dealership. This has presented some challenges for ORV user’s across the province as many of us didn’t buy our units directly from the dealership or the original bill of sale is long gone.

If you can’t find your original bill of sale you are required to get a Statutory Declaration Form a.k.a. MV1484. This form is available from any Capri Insurance office. There are some important items required on the Statutory Declaration:

  1. The vehicle year, make, models, body style, color and VIN.
  2. Where and when the vehicle was purchased and the amount paid.
  3. Seller’s name and address and details of the attempts made to obtain the seller’s signature.
  4. Buyer’s name and address.
  5. The condition of the vehicle when it was purchased. Confirm that the vehicle conforms to the original manufacturer’s specifications and does not contain parts from newer vehicles and is not missing an engine or major body parts such as a door or a fender.
  6. The indemnity clause. This clause must appear on every statutory declaration.
  7. Normally you would need to go to a notary public to have the statutory declaration signed adding an additional layer of red tape and cost. Recognizing this challenge Capri Insurance now has Commissioner of Oath’s in each of our offices (insert hyperlink to locations) who can sign the statutory declaration at no charge.

We understand the new regulations can be confusing and we are committed to making this process as easy as possible so you can keep doing what you love, hitting the trails!